#712: Ovenonion

I’m always a little disturbed when cooking things in an oven that the space heated is usually vastly bigger than the food itself and opening the oven door causes the whole waiting-for-dinner thing to take even longer (by evacuating all the heat and moisture).

Today’s invention is a range of nested, pyrex chicken bricks….a little like a set of Russian dolls or the layers of an onion.

To cook something, choose two adjacent bricks in the nesting sequence, just big enough so that the inner one will accommodate the food in question. All of the bricks’ top halves have two small ports. The brick in contact with the food will always have its ports plugged. The outer brick will have its ports connected, via an insulated chimney, to the oven’s heating element duct.

Hot air can thus pass through the space between inner and outer bricks, rapidly cooking the food inside the inner one and maintaining its succulence whilst heating only a small volume of cycling air. The food remains visible throughout.

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