#700: Fructoscrub

For institutions which consume a lot of fruit (such as school or hospital canteens or food processing factories), there is always an issue about ensuring that individual items of fruit, usually covered in pesticide residue, are adequately washed to ensure the longterm safety of consumers.

A quick swill under the tap won’t achieve anything like the required degree of washing.

Today’s invention in a device similar to a golfball scrubber, as used on courses all over the world. Items of fruit are fed from a hopper into an array of ‘cells’ -each of which has internal faces covered in toothbrush like material. As the cells are pushed backwards and forwards (manually) the brushes rub the fruit and clean off any wax and residues effectively. After a time, the cells can all be inverted, dropping the fruit gently into another large container ready for use.

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