#687: Trashdunk

Inspired by IDEO’s fingerblaster and the Aerobie Rocket Football today’s invention is a new way to deal with the mountains of plastic soft drinks bottles which I see littering the roadsides near my home.

Each plastic bottle would be blow moulded with fin-like protruberances at the bottom end. Council waste bins would be equipped, by the drinks manufacturers, with a branded hoop clipped to the top of each one.

People would be encouraged, by a marketing campaign, to see the challenge in firing their winged bottles into bins, rather than just dropping them. Groups of youngsters would be encouraged to film long-distance target practice shots and upload these to YouTube, in order to win a national anti-litter prize.

They might gain extra points by also filming the process of loading their bottles with other rubbish to provide better flight dynamics and clean up their neighbourhood whilst having some extra fun.

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  1. Here is a version of this idea which is not well thought out.

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