#685: Dragbag

Responsible dog owners are supposed to collect their animals’ excrement and carry it to a designated dog waste bin (at least in many cities).

Today’s invention is a way for such people to illustrate their responsibility by carrying with them a highly visible, ultra-durable bag marked “Dog Waste.” Any scurrilous owners not thus equipped and allowing their canine pals to defecate literally with abandon could then be approached by dog wardens and, if necessary, fined.

The bags would be inverted to lift the dog mess and also be equipped with a nylon rope so that, when filled, each could be dragged behind the owner in search of a suitable bin, rather than be carried in a pocket. This would further publicise their effort, avoid the dreadful stench and allow their dog, if walking off-lead behind, to follow and catch up more easily.

These bags could be hosed out on returning home which would also reduce the problem of dealing with the millions of plastic bags filled with dog poo left in waste bins.

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