#684: Paperpatch

When small but visible regions of one’s textured wallpaper get damaged, it is usually painful to have to consider repapering an entire room.

Today’s invention delays the redecoration work by attempting to repair the texture of (monochrome) paper.

A textured surface, A, has sustained a small region of damage, B. A (lightly-greased) matrix of fine rods, C, is then pressed into contact with an undamaged region of texture, so as to take up its surface profile. C is then wedged in place over the offending hole in the paper and a papier-mache pulp (D, in blue) is squeezed through a small gap in the matrix. This can then be repainted conveniently when the pulp hardens and the matrix is removed.

This approach might be obviously adopted for the repair of a range of other textured surfaces.

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