#681: Zipouches

I like to carry my things in some kind of coat, leaving my hands free. I find it helpful to have a single pocket for storing items like my keys, my wallet, phone etc, rather than have them roll around in the same one.

Today’s invention is a coat on the inside of which is a set of short, horizontal zips. To each of these a detachable pocket, from a range of sizes, can be zipped: one pocket for each object being carried.

This allows a selection to be made of what things to take each day, enables e.g. one’s phone to be carried where the user chooses, provides for flexibility if one wants to change one’s wallet position occasionally for security and still manages to stop keys from committing ipodicide.

This idea doesn’t yet extend to a laptop, but I’d really like to be able to buy a modular machine with wires between elements, each of which would be stored in its own ventilated zip-in pocket (which would also distribute the weight much more effectively than any shoulder strap).

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