#673: Bowlid

Motorcycle helmets (and those used in all forms of motorsport, for that matter) suffer from a stupid drawback. As well as the hole at the bottom through which to insert one’s head, there is also one at the front via which images of traffic lights, police cars and fast-approaching tarmac, can enter.

Both holes weaken the structure of any helmet (just ask an egg). Today’s invention is a way to lessen that structural weakness caused by having an observation slot in the front face. Make the entire thing out of some transparent polymer eg a variant on polycarbonate or plexiglass. This would allow the shell to have no visor opening, the wearer would look through the wall of the bone-dome (This would be similar to helmets worn by the Apollo astronauts, but with conventional internal padding for roadgoing use).

Although scratches might be hard to avoid, and one’s ghastly compressed hairdo would be exposed, it would provide a much wider field of view, leading to doubly improved safety. Making bikers (and racers) more recognisable as individuals would have certain social benefits too.

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