#668: Backface Lego

Don’t you just hate it when people say “Legos” instead of Lego Bricks? Anyway, I’ve been a disciple of the dimples since I was about four and throughout those years one particular question has burned in my brain. Why don’t they make bricks which have a flat bottom? (They do make some with a flattish top, although these seem to be few in number and in only a very small range of sizes and colours).

The obvious answer is that when you close off the bottom surfaces of bricks they stop being able to attach to others. OK, but in order to avoid such an unfinished look, I’ve always wanted to smooth the final surface of my designs…am I alone in this obsession? Youngsters can use their imagination to make a coarsely blocky thing work in their games just as well as a perfectly detailed replica would -but for once, I’d like the rear view (or underside) to consist of something better than a honeycomb of hollows.

Today’s invention is therefore a bottom-face brick for smoothly undersurfacing one’s Lego models (as suggested by the sketch on the left).

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