#665: Write-on-white

Whiteboards of the old fashioned, non-computing variety, always seem to get drawn on with permanent marker. Some hours of scrubbing with ethanol and the errant writing can be converted to a desaturated greyish/pinkish/blueish greeny shade but it will never be the same pristine white as if the correct markers had been used. Whoever grabs the wrong pen in an attempt to get that great idea down urgently thus has it immortalised as a ghostly, inky after-image…which is not actually that good, especially if it turns out later to be wrong.

Today’s invention is a way to ensure that one’s whiteboard stays white.

A very thin, transparent plastic sheet hangs in front of a conventional whiteboard (shown grey), its weight supported by a few elastic bands. In the centre of the sheet is a hole into which only the correct whiteboard markers can fit, allowing them to be used to draw on the underlying board, whilst preventing any other kind of pen from penetrating the sheet as far as the board itself.

To clean the board, simply raise the screen and wipe as usual.

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