#662: Showshield

Although someone I discussed this with recently claimed they had already got one of these, I think we must have been at cross purposes, since I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

There is an understandable urge to escape the boring silver/ grey/ black laptop casings which have been the norm since the technology became available. So, you can now buy laptops in any colour you like or with reproductions of artwork in the form of sticky decals.

Today’s invention consists of a hard, transparent plastic sheet which clips neatly to the outside surface of the lid on one’s favourite portable computer. This would allow a sheet of paper, bearing eg a drawing by one’s child, a photoprint of one’s loved one or a scene from your latest trip to Clacton to be inserted behind it. This would maintain a nice shiny exterior, protect the lid itself and allow the images to be frequently changed.

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