#615: Piranhalarm

Expert opinion, I understand, is that people who are being attacked need to do one thing: run. Forget pepper sprays, electronic stun guns and all those judo lessons. The first line of defence is to get moving away, fast.

Today’s invention is a second line of defence, when one’s exit route is blocked and you are too numb to undertake any violent self-defence moves. It consists of a conventional rape alarm, but modified to enable it to be attached, immovably, to the body of the would-be attacker.

When confronted by someone blocking your path, or otherwise within your personal space, whip out the device. This comes equipped with a set of open jaws, like a big bullclip, strong enough to grip someone’s clothes, but not sharp enough to be considered an offensive weapon. Smack this against the arm or chest of an attacker. This activates the usual, startlingly loud alarm, whilst also causing the jaws to snap shut and stay put.

You can now make an easier, high-speed escape whilst the low-life’s attention is distracted both by attempts to disengage from the source of the aural pain and to become less conspicuous.

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