#583: Smellcells

You can buy a lot of different necklaces which carry perfume within them. One of their advantages is not having to put perfume onto potentially allergic skin.

Today’s invention is to extend the idea to provide each wearer with a small wallet full of plastic ‘bubbles.’ This would take the form of a matrix of cells, just like many small contact lens cases. Each cell could contain a foam pad each to be extracted and sprayed, by the user, with a small amount of a different perfume and then closed using a press seal.

At each different event in a day, the wearer could open one of the cells and thus tailor their scent for maximum impact (given that the olfactory system rapidly stops being aware of a given smell, very soon after first encountering it). This could be work discreetly in a jacket pocket, without the need to splash organic solvents on one’s skin.

Adventurous types could try creating smell cocktails by opening more than one cell at a time. An electronically controlled version might even allow the wearer to communicate subliminally in real time by opening cells exuding attractive or repulsive scents.

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