#560: Unfurls

In the eternal search for that perfect domain name, memorability is a much-prized commodity. pa.com is cool: p.r.andrews-enterprises-limited2001.co.uk isn’t.

Even though new top-level domains will have to come on-stream, so that all those smartifacts can be networked, there will always be opportunities for enhanced functionality.

Today’s invention is a way to create ultra-small urls for your online stuff. You can tell people that your site is located at eg p~a.com. The ‘~’ is of course not legal within domains, but it’s a way of expressing the actual location: www.poiuytrewa.com -a name that nobody wants.

This allows a visitor to run their fingers over all the keys between the two end letters, according to a simple, fixed algorithm, and thus make use of a low-value domain name, expressable in a compact shorthand. So z~u.com would actually mean zxcvbhu.com (a little known Polish curse).

This approach could also be used by all those benighted individuals who think that keyboard shortcuts are a good idea.

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