#557: Eazzypizza

Those circular-bladed pizza cutters just don’t work at all well. That sharp blade is just as likely to carve one’s fingers or drag splinters of the worksurface into your dinner. When trying to hack through a baked section of crust, armoured in pepperoni, the force required is quite enough to propel an entire pizza off the plate and into your lap.

So, today’s invention is a simple metal asterisk: a star formed from six (or more) metal blades joined at their intersection and pressed into a pizza base before it’s loaded with miscellaneous (undefined) toppings and placed in the oven. This would have saw teeth on the lower edges and thus nearly penetrate the base -dividing it into equal segments, pre cooking.

In a family in which appetities for pizza differ, the segments’ sizes could be made non-uniform, simply by bending the metal blades to different angles of separation or by placing the cutter off- centre on the pizza.

Before serving, each asterisk would be extracted for reuse, leaving easy-to-separate perforations in the doughy discus.

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