#553: Unplanner

Joking aside, even the most erratically-inclined people are very bad at behaving in ways that are genuinely random.

When you need your next action to be unpredictable by someone else, the universal tendency to fall into an established pattern of behaviour can be a problem. It’s not so important if you are only playing rock, paper, scissors but it may be critical if you happen to be a potential kidnap or assassination target (and being monitored, for long periods, by well-organised assailants).

Today’s invention is an electronic diary planner which chooses, with equal probability and as close to realtime as possible, which of n possible activities/appointments you will undertake, in what order, using what vehicles and via what route(s).

Obviously, the more senior people are, the later these choices can be made because their hosts will be more willing to accommodate last-minute schedule changes (This however effectively terminates the old practice of having weeks’ notice during which to paint everything anew before the visiting head of state appears in an open coach).

As well as making it almost impossible to mount any kind of planned ambush, this has the added advantage that there will be no paper-based itinerary (to be mislaid on a train) weeks ahead of some supposedly low-profile visit.

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