#544: Paintpointer

99% of wall paintings and graffiti are ugly, inarticulate and a waste of paint. Very occasionally, I’ll spot an advertising, artistic or even a political mural that really works, in the sense of actually conveying an effective, thoughtful or emotional message.

Today’s invention is a device which will allow the reproduction of a digital picture, in paint, at a greatly increased scale from that of the original. There are lots of systems which use a Wii Remote device to create images on a screen. Here, instead, the wii is attached to an airbrush which has multiple paint reservoirs. A user can wave the airbrush across a surface, without having to exercise any particular finescale control.

The Wii sensor detects where the Wii (and airbrush) are pointing and passes that information to a laptop. This decides what colour should be used for the patch of surface currently being addressed. A multi-way valve is then operated to determine which paint to use from moment to moment.

This would allow the reproduction of great works of art semiautomatically on otherwise unattractive buildings. Equipped with a CAD model of a non-flat surface, it might even be able to paint such images on a car or the side of a commercial vehicle.

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