#541: Designerliner

I’m advised by some females of my acquaintance that handbags must match their clothing ensemble. This means that the essentials of life that they cart around must all be transferred from bag to bag according to their couture du jour. (This colour matching is a problem I never have, since I tend to dress as far possible in uniform navy blue).

Today’s invention is an inner handbag (purse, if you are American) which allows these myriad secret contents to be conveniently transferred from bag to bag as a unit.

The inner bag would need to be constructed as a bunch of zip-linked, transparent pouches, so that the various nonstandard handbag geometries could be dealt with.

Each of these pouches might have a different-coloured, glow-in-the-dark neck in order to minimise the access time for keys, phone, emergency chocolate etc. Actually, an integral light, activated by opening the outer bag would provide an obvious benefit.

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