#540: Etiquettable

It may be that fancy restaurants, interview lunches and dinner parties will soon benefit from serving dinner on a sensitive computing table device.

Today’s invention is a program for such a system which would be able to monitor and control a formal meal. It could display menus, ensure the place settings were correctly arrayed and alert diners to the appropriate knife to be using…if they were to pick up eating irons or glassware in the wrong order (horrors!), a small light would flash on the surface. If the wine bottle wasn’t cold enough, a message would be sent to that effect to the earpiece of the relevant waiter.

It could even determine the rate at which food was being eaten from a plate and assess, over repeated visits, the likelihood of eating disorders. If, heaven forfend, one were talking whilst food had just been lifted or had one’s elbows on the table, such faux pas could be sent in an advisory report to diners after the event.

Messy eater? The table program would even be able to calculate the area of food debris around one’s place setting and might even lower your priority on future guestlists.

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