#538: Tablevel

I was reminded today about how much I used to relish Eureka magazine and especially its ‘coffee-time challenge’ page. I came across one of these online and recalled why this particular publication kept me sane before I faced up to the fact that I was an Inventor. The question was how to ensure that cafe tables, placed on an uneven pavement, could be made both stable and horizontal (all to a very tight budget, of course).

Today’s invention answers this in an alternative way to the solution given in Eureka.

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For any table with n legs, you need (n-3 + 2) small wedges. The table would be placed with any three legs in contact with the pavement. Wedges would be shoved under the remaining n-3 legs.

This stabilises the surface, but generally not in a horizontal plane. The 2 remaining wedges are set on the top and a new flat sheet of eg plywood placed in contact with them and one point on the original table surface. Moving the 2 wedges about allows the uppermost acting table surface to be made perfectly horizontal.

Total cost is probably only a pound or two per table.