#522: Whengine

I was searching the other day for some online information -a task I perform perhaps every hour of my working life, on average. What I got back was a series of results representing articles from 2005, 2006, 2002 etc…and then I realised there is no easy way, using any of the familiar engines, to order results by date of uploading (other than for those pages which define themselves as ‘news’).

I know that there’s no way to require that pages or their content items be tagged with this information, but I reckon it would be hugely useful to index even a subset of pages based on upload date. Those pages that contain the information, would make themselves more accessible via this tool and so the practice of date-tagging content would spread.

Today’s invention is a search engine enhancement whose robots would actively search upload date information and allow it to be used to order their results.

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