#520: Shoulderblower

The only embarrassing problem, to which I can confess here anyway, is dandruff. Bathing my head frequently in benzenoic shampoo does actually limit the difficulty but it can’t be good for one, longterm.

What to do? None of this matters if you insist on wearing sand coloured clothing of course -in that case, dandruff may the least of your problems.

Today’s invention is a small fan which is located inside the collar of one’s jacket. This drives air into an envelope-shaped manifold on each shoulder which is perforated on the upper surface. The jacket itself would be unlined in the shoulder region, to allow a freer passage of air through the material.

The fan would be activated when the jacket is first put on and run (quietly) until it is removed. The airflow upwards through the material would be just enough to deflect any errant flakes of epidermis away from the shoulders before landing and forming a drift.

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