#521: Drywipes

Using a public lavatory is always fraught with danger and discomfort. One of the most irritating aspects is that of the paper towel dispenser (There are still lots of public loos which lack the more sensible air driers).

Today’s invention attempts to make towel use less annoying. The aspect of performance which causes me particular grief is that when I need to dry my hands, they always seem to be wet…Have you tried grabbing a paper towel with a wet hand? The result is always the same, a fragment of moist cellulose mush in one hand and a bunch of towels which can’t then be extracted from the dispenser.

So instead, I propose that, at the end of the production line, the usual bundles of towels be riffled, like a book, whilst being sprayed on the bottom edge only with waterproofing agent (eg Nikwax).

When later grabbed by damp hands, these would stay intact long enough for whole towels to be extricated.

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