#514: PageMarks

I’m addicted to sending people interesting links to things I’ve read online (all of this stuff also ends up here )

One frustration, though, is that the noteworthy bit(s) is often embedded and dispersed within the body of a mile-long page of text and images and adverts…just sending someone a link to the page usually won’t allow them to get the intended nugget.

Today’s invention is a way to highlight only components of a webpage for the benefit of other readers.

A browser plugin interprets your clicking on a webpage and highlights the bits you deem important. It then sends this information to a filter site initially.

You send your friend a link to this filter website, with some extra parameters telling the filter what real page to fetch and what the important parts are. Then the filter spits back the original page, to the intended recipient, but hacked so as to highlight the interesting bit(s). It’s a kind of TinyURL for bits of webpages.

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