#513: DexteriSee

There are lots of repeated, manual tasks which need to be learned before they become ‘second nature’ -such as doing up one’s laces or tie.

Today’s invention is to supply a wide range of small movies to people’s cellphones, each of which illustrates how to do one of these tasks, slowly and from the doer’s point of view. There’s no point showing me some bow tie knot being done up from
the standpoint of a helpful assistant who’s not there.

This could be applied to other tasks, such as lace tying, conjuring tricks, calligraphy, knitting or making fishing flies…

Given that watching such actions seems to fire up mirror neurons in the brain of the observer, it may be that this approach offers direct support for rapid, mimicry-based learning -so that the phone need only be used in this way a few times for each new task.

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