#509: Comb-inations

For people whose hair grows fast, maintaining that gorgeous mane can become a chore. Just after a vigorous crewcut, a thinly-spaced, multi-prong, equine curry comb is appropriate. After a few weeks of unrestrained growth, it can be hard to pass a single slim comb through (shearing can then become an attractive option).

Today’s invention is for those of us hirsute types who would rather not cart about a range of brushing devices.

Take a number of identical combs and arrange them side by side. Pass an axle through all of them at one end so as to form a penknife-like device. Moving from comb to comb, remove increasing numbers of teeth from each one.

This allows different numbers and spacings of teeth to be used, corresponding to whether a sparse, dense, shallow or deep array of teeth is required (and is certainly no heavier than a normal hairbrush).

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