#493: Wraperr

Half the fun of opening a present is the surprise obtained from removing the wrapping (The web is increasingly populated by videos of people unboxing their brand new x20j-cyberdyne, or whatever, so this must be an important phenomenon).

Today’s invention is intended to heighten that surprise: it is decoy wrapping.


Wrap would be bought two sheets at a time. An outer, translucent one, with reduced transparency and an inner one with a choice of decoy markings. These markings might be eg a well-known chocolate box design, to be used for wrapping anything other than chocolates or a famous book jacket to be used for parcelling-up something other than that particular book.

If you fancied a double bluff, of course, that would be an even bigger surprise for the lucky recipient. For those who like to undertake pre-opening investigations by shaking, this might all be extended by the addition of extra weights within the package and even eg some matchboxes filled with curiously rattling contents.

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