#471: Dirtsquirt

The inside of my car is like a midden. It was bad when we had children but with the addition of a dog to our family all the interior carpets are now impregnated with sand and deer excrement -not the kind of mixture the average valet service is prepared to tackle, unless supplied with a bacteriological warfare suit.

Today’s invention is a simple system to remove the dirt before it gets inside the vehicle.


There would be a small shower head fed water from the windscreen washer tank via a plastic hose. An additional pump would probably be required, rather than relying on the standard built-in version and the water would need to contain only human-compatible screen wash.

Sandy feet after paddling (or paws) would be sluiced off into a plastic tray. The resulting dirty water would then be pumped back into the tank via a simple washable filter (I wouldn’t care too much about washing my windscreen with slightly less than sterile water).

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