#467: Roadrating

Lots of countries demand that drivers under instruction advertise the fact by displaying eg an ‘L’ symbol or its equivalent. Why, I wondered, don’t we also insist on similar displays by those people who have incurred penalty points on their licences for poor or inconsiderate driving?

Today’s invention is a simple row of orange LEDs mounted in the back of everyone’s car. This would act as a bar chart, showing other drivers the extent to which someone was either a Learner or a points holder. Ten orange lights showing? …give me a wide berth.


This scheme could be extended to allow drivers to comment on each others’ driving skills in real time by transmitting signals from car to car which would automatically contribute to one’s orange light total. Signals from other drivers would be given less weight or shorter duration than official points. Give too many negative points to others, though, and you start to receive oranges yourself.

Ideally, I’d like to see anyone with eg 8 orange lights paying significantly more for their fuel than someone with none.

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