#457: Dregs dredge

It’s not like I’m tight with money (honestly!) but waste bugs me. (Actually the biggest waste is of human creativity, which is often devalued because it challenges those without it so effectively -rant ends, or at least pauses).

Anyway, today’s invention is yet another way to get at the dregs of something valuable and viscous, rather than pitching it out with the packaging.


A container is made of flexible plastic, in the shape of a cylinder, as shown. It would have a screw-off lid as usual and when this was removed, contents could be extracted by driving a rod (supplied with a hook at the end) upwards against the base, inverting the cylinder.

When enough product has been extracted, at a given sitting, the hook on the rod would engage with a simple bar inside the base and allow it to return the cylinder to normal shape, by dragging it backwards.

This avoids any contact with the content, keeps whatever it is reasonably well mixed and eradicates the possibility that anything remains in the package because it can’t be accessed.

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