#455: Layer hook

When hillwalking for example, it can be a major burden to be having to constantly swap clothing layers dependent on the whims of the weather.

Today’s invention is therefore a neck-mounted hanger which allows layers, when not being worn, to hang down the middle of one’s back (protected by the outermost waterproof layer, if necessary. This would be restrained in front using a strap attached to one’s belt in front. A padded ‘spine’ would support the clamps gripping each fleece, coat etc. This would run down one’s back to spread the weight and torque exerted by the hanging clothes.


This presents difficulties when used in concert with a rucksack, but at least the need for such a bag is lessened if it doesn’t have to contain a lot of extra clothing.

It may even be possible to design a narrow rucksack that hangs on the outermost hook of the neck hanger.

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