#439: Jewel bearing

I’ve never warmed to the design of CDs and DVDs. These media are particularly difficult to extract from their cases and insert correctly in a player -without breaking some piece of flimsy plastic or scratching the surface so badly that they never play again. This is especially true of in-car audio where they surely represent more of a hazard, whilst driving, than a mobile phone.

I’d happily advocate MP3 based content on a thumbdrive, but I do realise that the reproduction quality is less good than on an optical disk (even if I can’t hear/see much difference).


So if handling these disks is hard to do: don’t.

Today’s invention is simply to provide jewel cases with an internal bearing for the disk to rotate upon and a window for the laser to shine through when reading the surface…a little like the floppy disks they used to use as long as ten years ago.

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