#435: Suitseat

Anyone who uses public transport may well find themselves standing for a good part of their journey. You can’t make any kind of trip these days without being confronted by rattling, microwheeled suitcases pulled along by extendable handles. When I have to transport smart clothes about in a suitbag or case, they always arrive looking even more crumpled than me.

Today’s invention aims to address both the problems of limited seating and crumpled clothing, by turning the wheeled suitcase into a convenient mobile chair. People often end up sitting on their cases, but it’s certainly not comfortable and it never does the case any good.


A case is shown which consists of a rigid plastic box. This is the shape of a conventional suitbag, in frontal view, but in profile it resembles a playground chute. The box allows clothes to be fed in at the top without crumpling them. The case rolls along on wheels set into the base, propelled and steered by being strapped to a user’s arm. When he/she needs to sit down, the box’s wheels are withdrawn inside and it can be leant against a wall.

The box also has a small inlet in the base via which steam from eg a hotel kettle can be admitted in order to lessen further any tendency to creasing.

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