#430: Memobrush

I’m often advised to clean my teeth with the toothbrush in my left hand. Aside from the subtle cognitive benefits which undertaking a task using the non-dominant hand like this may bring (who knows why), a monodextrous brushing pattern leaves areas of one’s mouth less uniformly cleaned.

Today”s invention is a way to help remind people to alternate the brushing action between hands on successive occasions.


The brush is stored in one of a pair of model fists, which are joined together, and this unit sits on a shelf orientated to match the user’s fists, when held out in front. Each model fist has a hole in the top to accommodate the handle of the brush.

On removing the brush from one hole, it drags the platform on which it rests upwards (a small magnet is attached to the brush and to each platform). This closes the hole and opens the one in the other fist.

When brushing is complete, the brush is then located in the open fist, which corresponds with the hand to be used next time.

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