#400: Core value

I’ve been told it’s effeminate of me not to eat the entire apple, core and all. Be that as it may, I’m really keen on ingesting just the flesh of an apple…pips and that stringy central stuff are really offputting.

There are lots of apple corers around…so I figured one more can’t hurt. Today’s invention is a corer which can remove all the internal inedibles, leaving more of the delicious fruit than a simple boring process can manage.


A needle consists of two halves (the black and the orange regions, forming a hinge joint at the left hand end). The black section is very stiff and acts as a supportive spine for the other, orange half. This is made in such a way that after the needle has been thrust through an apple, and the apple rotated, it can gradually bow outwards when pressed from the right hand end.

This bowing, which has its maximal range limited by the ‘keystone’ shapes of the orange half, eviscerates the apple and allows the core fragments to be shaken out the right hand end.

This might allow apples to be pre-cored, plugged at both ends and filled with eg yoghurt to add extra value and protect from browning in the atmosphere.

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