#398: Lap(top)belt

Mobility is one of the great things about laptops. We encourage our sales staff to drive about the country with an occasional pitstop to take calls and catch up with the form filling on their flip-top friend.

Naturally, their machine gets tossed on the passenger seat beside them: -until there’s an accident, in which case it becomes a high momentum paving stone with an embedded sheet of glass.


Today’s invention is a variant on the standard Kensington-type lock. At one end of a short cable, the usual push-in-and-lock fitment attaches to the computer. At the other end, a clip which can be snapped straight into the passenger seat buckle housing (for easy removal when the driving is done).

The cable itself could be made with an embedded shock absorber in order to limit the damage to the internal drives and connectors which a collision could cause the machine itself.

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