#397: Easiearrings

I have discussed earrings a surprising number of times -ie more than zero. I’m certainly no expert in the design of jewellery, but it seems to me that there are people who don’t mind having holes punched in their ears and others for whom it seems a big concession to make to vanity.

Today’s invention is a way for people who will only wear clip-ons to be able to buy all those earrings intended to be pushed through a slot in one’s lobal cartilage.


This consists of a small clip-on earring with a protruberance on the bottom of the clip side. There is a horizontal hole drilled in this which allows a push-through earring post to be inserted and locked in place, as usual (The clip-on protruberance thus takes the place of the ear). The dangly bit of the push-through hangs below the ear as usual and the butterfly spring locking part (if there is one) is hidden behind the lobe.

Ear piercing is thus no longer necessary and buying presents for glamorous females is (slightly) simplified.

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