#396: Treat vase

I used to be massively overweight. Eating when distracted is a great way to overlook the sheer volume of food being taken on board.

A particular technique which helps is to put some food eg on a plate but then realise that it can be returned to its wrapper or container…it’s easy to feel committed to eating a certain quantity, just because you have ‘chosen’ to put it on your plate.


Today’s invention allows people to pause and question that commitment…which can make you feel much more powerful and in control of your eating.

Most food packaging is designed to help the user to get easy access to the contents. For treats like nuts or small sweets, I propose the following. Treats are placed in a simple cylindrical container which has an inward pointing conical neck (which can be unscrewed to allow food to be decanted in). The aperture at the tip of the cone can be adjusted to correspond roughly to the size of the treat (perhaps by pinching it into a narrower oval).

Inverting the container allows a small volume of treats to appear in the hand or in a dish. The cone makes it much easier to return some of the items to the container than it was to extract them.

This action alone sparks the realisation that not everything taken out must be consumed and builds confidence in deciding what to eat.

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