#383: Weightbelt

Musculoskeletal problems often arise in people who carry heavy items about -especially if the loads are distributed asymmetrically. Classic examples are children carrying a schoolbag crammed with books (and mobile electronics) on a single shoulder and the accountant with a box case full of papers -gripped in one hand. (Actually it’s more likely to contain cash, for which complaint I have less sympathy).

Today’s invention is a new way to enable people to carry such loads more easily.


This consists of a pair of lightweight plastic handles connected by a webbing strap. A large weight can be held by the hook beneath one handle. This is then supported by the nearer hand, in the usual way (fingers fatigue under load, without other backup).

The strap allows the weight to be also spread across the shoulders and the distal hand, which can press down with elbow locked, to help support the load.

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  1. Excellent site. I can see we are kindred spirits. It seems though that
    you have more coherence. I just get excited at the prospect of the next
    gadget. Like my new phone that reads out email to me.

    Those weight straps would sell – they are a great idea.

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