#376: Sidelongs

It’s widely believed that the (unusual) whites of people’s eyes may have evolved to enable other humans to work out what is being stared at. Meaningful glances can sometimes be socially instructive and much less overt than blurting out “Look at that!”

For anyone who needs to avoid people knowing exactly where they are looking, however, today’s invention aims to help; based on the above information.


A pair of contact lenses, one all-white, one with a fake iris and pupil, are overlapped, joined and placed in one eye.

The white lens covers and obscures the natural iris but can still be seen through (as can the other, false iris). This arrangement gives the impression that the wearer is looking eg left, when in fact she’s looking straight ahead.

This could be useful to security staff and surveillance agents who want to monitor suspects covertly. Obviously both eyes’ lenses need to be similarly orientated to avoid drawing attention to an unnatural squint.

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