#371: Rainbow drinks

Drinking a tumbler full of cocktail or smoothie can become a chore by the end -you can adapt pretty quickly to one taste so that it becomes cloying…wouldn’t it be great if drinks had an element of surprise?

Today’s invention is a way to liven drinks up.


A honeycomb material could be supplied to bars. It would be closed on one side, open on the other (forming vertical tubes, each wider than a drinking straw).

When a multicomponent drink is ordered, a section of this material could be cut off and inserted into the right size of glass.

The measures required to make the drink would be poured in, as usual, but distributed non-uniformly by hand across the tubes.

A straw would be used to drain each tube in turn -each of which would contain a different combination of components -providing a much more exciting tipple.

Each tube would contain a different coloured mixture as well -making for a more interesting visual experience too.

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