#364: Timescale

I’ve really never been good at any of those primary school tasks such as tying my laces (or tie), differentiating between p’s and q’s or telling the time. Unlike people with Dyslexia, who get extensions to complete written exams, asking for extra time to read a clockface seems perpetually self defeating.

The two-hands-at-once thing is just not intuitive. Today’s invention provides the same precision in time telling but without having to interpret all that distracting hand waving (and with a certain additional aesthetic continuity).


The watch face shows a high-resolution sub-region of a disc representing 24hrs. As time passes, the sub-region shown appears to move around this disc (the edge of which might have 24*60 1 minute-divisions marked on it, as well as the hourly numerals).

The exact time is indicated at the pink dot fixed in the middle of the watch.

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