#346: Integral hanger

Coathangers are well known to proliferate in wardrobes around the world and yet, when I need to hang up my suit, I can never find one (my other clothes are carefully hung on the floor).

Today’s invention attempts to solve the mystery of the missing coathangers (Their alternative usefulness as drain cleaners, dipsticks and advent crowns may also contribute to their local scarcity in my house, of course).


A triangular envelope would be incorporated into every jacket, across the back of the shoulders region. On removing the jacket, this could be inflated (using only a couple of breaths) to form a semi-rigid, flattish coathanger shape, capable of supporting the garment until next deflated for wearing.

This might actually provide better support than a knife-edged metal one. It could also embody a slot, within the triangle, through which a pair of trousers could be hung.

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