#340: Sweepsonance

I’m convinced that the success of all things Dyson is down to a combination of entertainment value and the ability to view the result of one’s virtuous efforts, rather than any particular technical merit (nobody pays £200+ for a vacuum cleaner just because it suffers ‘no loss of suction’ -please).

It’s partly, too, the nursery colourschemes but mostly the secret behind their sales has to be that swirling-dirt movie which comes with every product.


Today’s invention is a way to equip all such cleaners with a soundtrack -even if they don’t benefit from a bagless, supersonic swirl chamber and a filing cabinet full of patents.

Think how satisfying it is to hear a stream of grit and dust being removed from your carpet/ bed /pet. Now imagine fitting the hose of a cleaner with a small microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker.

Suddenly your device feels so much more effective and this add-on also drowns out the other noises it makes -to an extent.

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