#333: Teeseeds

Golf courses seem like a blot on the landscape to me, but that’s partly because I just don’t think much of sports where people don’t break sweat and walk about smoking whilst taking part.

Today’s invention is one way for golfers to help protect the natural environment (aside from staying in the bar).


Each golf tee would be made of biodegradable material so that If it went missing, as the balls often do, at least it would eventually return to nature. Tees would also contain a selection of indigenous seeds (probably grass). Every time a tee was used, pressing a ball on top would allow a few seeds to be planted in the ground, via the hollow shaft of the tee. I’d imagine using some kind of crude valve, such as those in saccharin tablet dispensers.

This might be extended to the spikes on Golfers’ shoes (or even to the cleats on the boots of mountain walkers and ramblers, which are a source of damage to the flora on country paths).

This way, golf courses would avoid having patches of brown mud everywhere. Use tree seeds and the whole problem of golf itself would eventually disappear.

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