#323: Flatpack finery

Velcro is commonly employed as a secure closure method for the front flaps, pockets and wrists of eg parkas. It could just as easily be used, however, to form all seams in clothing. This would allow clothes to conform, much more commonly, to the claim ‘one size fits all.’

It would mean that a much smaller range of flat panels of different sizes could be supplied to consumers. They would be able to be assembled into a well-fitting wardrobe of garments by joining the panels together, once they had been wrapped around the owner’s body.


For those people who find themselves challenged by eg assembling flatpack furniture, the velcro strips could be made of patches of hooks and loops of differing sizes, allowing only the correctly corresponding seams to be aligned and joined.

Another benefit is that these flat panels could be much more easily stored and maintained than current, preassembled, 3-D outfits. There is also scope for joining panels of contrasting colours in order to make more personalised, patchwork suits.

Want to get undressed in a hurry? Grab a panel and pull. Stained your favourite jacket? Simply tear out the panel in question and dry clean that one alone. Feeling the cold or need extra abrasion resistance? Just Velcro some extra panels into place.

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