#320: Charitable feedback

Charities are now big business, like it or not. One in particular, that is supposed to be caring for children, spends a fortune, I happen to know, on company BMWs for its ‘Executives’.

Even the most prudent, well-managed charities. however, have to think up ways to help support their causes by encouraging donations of cold, hard cash.


Have you seen one of those spherical collection devices that take in a coin which then rolls down a curved internal surface in a very graceful trajectory? -thus encouraging people to donate again, just to experience the dynamics. On a similar vein, today’s invention is a voicebox for collecting boxes.

When coins are inserted, the system would issue a Thank You message, voiced by eg the celebrity patron of the charity in question. The greater the amount given, the more effusive the message would be. There could even be a credit card based system, which would encourage people to type in the amount of their donation, show a short film of ongoing projects and give a personalised message of appreciation (based on the name on the card).

Donors’ names might even be listed scrolling across a screen on the machine.

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