#316: Stapless

I have alow opinion of conventional wire staples…they usually fail to penetrate the massive volume of paper I confront them with and then they tend to empale one’s fingers when trying to separate the paperwork later.

It seems that $10 or so buys you an alternative these days…a way to join paper by punching a tag (of paper) through several other sheets. The trouble is that this really only works for a very small number of pages.


Today’s invention is a way to join arbitrarily large numbers of sheets of paper but without the need for wires. It is based on an electrically driven desktop drill. As shown in the diagram, on the left, the pile of papers to be stapled is loosely bent around a bisector of one corner and slightly separated into two roughly equal sections. The hole cutting drill operates once, at the location indicated by the “+” to create one set of sheets with a tang in the corner and another set containing a hole.

As indicated in the right hand part of the diagram, the tang can be inserted in the hole, joining both sets of paper. Several drilling operations in one corner could be used to create tangs at opposite angles for a more robust joint.

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