#305: Flushbox

I’ve noticed that bathrooms tend to contain many items which just don’t get properly clean by being run under the tap occasionally.

This includes eg, toothbrushes, hair brushes, combs, soap dishes, shaving kit, sponges, nailbrushes, make-up ‘tools’ etc…even the dreaded dentures.


Today’s invention is a scaled-down dishwasher system for the bathroom. As a subsidiary idea, I’d also like to suggest that dishwasher-proof detachable sleeves be fitted to all handles in the bathroom -so that once in a while these could be properly scrubbed (especially for those who insist on having a toilet brush).

Together, these could effectively limit the gradual accumulation of crud and germs (although toothbrushes and other items might need to be washed in a separate compartment).

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