#297: Decal decoys

There’s a great emphasis currently on anti-theft design…rucksacks with integral knifeproof chicken wire, that sort of thing.

Cars already have the protection of a huge range of such devices from steering locks to trackers to alarms…to electrified door handles.


Today’s invention is an addition to this armoury.

For ‘prestige’ vehicles, which are often stolen to order, having imperfections in the paintwork severely lessens their value. Despite what happens in the movies, thieves aren’t really interested in respraying vehicles.

So I suggest equipping such cars with a small collection of realistic stick-on transfers. Some would look like rust spots, others like obvious flaws in the paint. You could even apply apparent key damage scores.

These could be made very realistic: convincing to anyone walking by without a microscope.

Such special effects would strongly deter criminals and, when not needed, simply peel off the pristine paintwork.

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