#288: Pseudospoon

Every hole in the hedge is now a coffee shop and every one of those is filled with them: disposable spoons, I mean. Whether in the form of wood strips or plastic swizzlers, they are just an irritant.

They litter the floor or poke you in the eye, mid-drink.


Today’s invention is a stirrer which is integral to the cup itself (particularly good for use in eg airlines and trains).

When folded, from a single sheet of card, and stuck together, the new cup includes a hinge, standing proud of the lip. Running down from the hinge is a stirrer, made of the same material as the cup, which sticks into the drink. This spoonlike flap is driven backwards and forwards through the liquid by a press-out arm which penetrates the fixed vertical support for the hinge.

After use, the whole thing gets dumped in the paper recycling. No need for everlasting plastic or additional deforestation.

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